people first

Everything we do is centered

on the athletes we serve.


We are passionately

committed to our athletes.


We value, support and advocate

for athletes.


Our impact is strengthened by teamwork,

trust, and community partnerships.


We innovate and deliver

a variety of options.


We create communities of support

for young athletes and their family

Vision &


Why we’re here?

We want to help our children learn important life skills and

empower them to contribute towards their sporting lifestyle.

We also identified the opportunity to help our wider

sporting community by enabling our young athletes

and their families to work with us at events and put the

profits towards their sporting trips or registration fees.

What we do?

EAT=RITE aims to support and develop young athletes

by providing work opportunities to assist in

fundraising for their sporting endeavors.


Our story

“Guess what kids, we bought a Food Truck!”

My kids did not look at all impressed and

were definitely not as excited as me.

“Why would you do that, who goes and buys a Food Truck Mum, now we are going to have to help you, seriously!!”

Why did we buy a Food Truck you ask?

We wanted to help our children learn some life skills

and start contributing towards their sporting lifestyle.

We also saw the opportunity to help our

wider sporting community by getting our youth and their

families involved in working with us at events and putting

the profits towards their sporting trips or registration fees.

This is definitely not going to be an easy journey



Our little EAT=RITE Food Truck is the ideal solution

for clubs, businesses, and families organizing events.

We work with you to create a menu that will suit your supporters, employees or family's requirements.

Nothing is too big or small for us.

Look at what events we have been

involved in over the last 12 months.

PARty hire

We hire out our Party Hire equipment at very affordable prices.

Ideal for any event especially fundraisers for community groups.

We are very flexible with pick up and return time frames allowing

a mid-week pick up and then a drop off on Sunday or Monday.

We also offer a delivery and set up service

for an additional fee - from $30.

Please contact Eat=Rite Food Truck to discuss your needs.


Heat & Eat meals




 find us here !

Australia, Perth

empoweredathletestogether @ gmail.com 

helen grey - Head Honcho  0418 186 601 

stacy grey - Trustee Side Kick 0434 108 103 

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