our story

“Guess what kids, we bought a Food Truck!”


My kids did not look at all impressed and

were definitely not as excited as me.


“Why would you do that, who goes and buys a Food Truck Mum,

now we are going to have to help you, seriously!!”

Why did we buy a Food Truck you ask?


We wanted to help our children learn some life skills

and start contributing towards their sporting lifestyle.

We also saw the opportunity to help our wider sporting community by getting our youth and their families involved in working with us at events

and putting the profits towards their sporting trips or registration fees.

This is definitely not going to be an easy journey,

especially when it comes to working together as a family.


Our children

Tyrese 19, Jaylen 18, Aliyah 15, Shamaia 13 and Nazea 9

are all coming on this journey with us and we are hoping

by creating work opportunities for them and their friends 

we can build their resilience ready for post-school life.

We offer a basic menu which is very affordable

for families and sporting events.


We are the perfect solution for a Committee that does not

want to invest their valuable time running a canteen

but still, want to offer a service to their members.

We are a registered Food Business with a current

Food Act Permit and Public Liability Insurance.

Our Menu currently consists of:

Hamburgers - starting from $8.00

Bacon & Egg Burger - starting from $5.00

Sausage Sizzle - $3.00,

Drinks - from $3.00